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Visual Language Programming

Our unique Dialog flow designer allows you to visually modelize conversations. It's intuitive and you can easily connect your flow to external data such as APIs or databases.

Artificial Intelligence

Workflows are then processed by a state of the art conversational AI that manages all the back and forth with the user. Some included features are context management, disambiguation, short and long term memory.


Smartly's versioning and team work functionality allow you to work on your conversational app as you would on any other software project.


The moment you are happy with your conversational app, you should be able to deploy wherever your users are. That's why we already support Amazon Alexa, FB Messenger, Slack, Skype, SMS and emails!


We log every message coming in and out our API so we can build detailed analytics and insights on what worked and what should be improved in your application .


You own your data, you can download it and flush the server anytime. If your project requires it, we also offer on premise integrations.

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